Over 300 members of the community come out to the Movie Night event organized as part of the City’s 150th Celebration!  Families, friends and interested movie goers came together at Brevard High School for a time to learn more about the history of the school’s racially integrated team.  It was a great time of sharing stories, seeing friends from years ago and an opportunity to connect our community!

The Director of the film, Tom Dierolf was on site for the event and thanked the crowd for attending the screening.

“Thank you to everyone who attended the screening of Almost Cured at Brevard High! The reactions and comments of the large audience indicated that the film was well-received. I was also pleasantly surprised by the amount of questions afterwards and the desire to have this film readily available so that everyone in Transylvania County knows about this great story. Having everyone in the county know this story was indeed was one objective in making the film. Another, even more important, objective is that the film can catalyze reflection and constructive dialog in communities about what we need to do to “work towards a cure”. Just like a tooth cavity, racism does not just go away by ignoring it. I have already left a DVD copy at the TC library. Keep checking Almost Cured’s Facebook page in a couple of months, after it finishes the film festival circuit, to see when and where it will be available for free downloading”.

-Director, Tom Dierolf