After the first touchdown the crowd was a little less racist and after the second touchdown they were almost Cured.

Almost Cured
October 15, 2018
Starts at 6pm
Brevard High School in the Auditorium

In celebration of Brevard ‘s150th, the City of Brevard is proud to be a sponsor for this historic film highlighting part of Brevard’s history. The film screening will be at Brevard High School.

The short film Almost Cured, is about the Brevard Blue Devils in1963 and how they made history as one of the first racially-integrated high school football teams in rural Southern Appalachia during the midst of the Civil Rights Movement. Directed by Tom Dierolf, the films spotlights a no-nonsense coach, the players the fans and how the community came together around the newly-integrated football team. While celebrating a historic event, the film recognizes that we were and are still “almost cured”.

Filmmaker Tom Dierolf, PhD. is currently a training/research facilitator at a World Heritage Site. He has over 30 years of international/US experience in rural community development, including 12 years in Appalachia. Tom has published photos from several NCAA Division I sports and a professional NFL game. A first-time filmmaker, he combined his passions for social justice, visual arts, sports, history, and Appalachia to make Almost Cured. Tom received a Certificate in Documentary Studies at Duke University in 2016.

Almost Cured Awards:
Best Short Documentary. 2018 Ozark Foothills FilmFest.
Silver Award. Spotlight Documentary Film Awards. Dec. 2017
Best Documentary of the Month. DSOFF. Dec. 2017

Cliff Brookshire (Coach)
Lloyd Fisher (Player)
Dr. Keith Elliott (Player)
Paul Gardin Scruggs (Player)
Tommy Kilgore (Community Leader)
Dr. Betty Reed (Historian, Author)
Nancy Brookshire (Team Historian)
Moby Sorrells (Brevard High School’s Biggest Fan)

Directed By
Tom Dierolf

To read more about Tom Dierolf and the film  “Almost Cured” click here.

Press Release:

Award-winning film explores civil rights, football, and community in 1963 Brevard.

HAIFA (14 September 2018) – Nearing the end of a successful film festival tour, the indie documentary short, Almost Cured, about Brevard High School’s historic 1963 football team comes home to screen at Brevard High School on Monday, October 15 at 6p.m. This free showing is sponsored by the City of Brevard as part of its 150th Anniversary celebrations.
“After the first touchdown, the crowd was a little less racist, and after the second touchdown, they were Almost Cured” recalled player Lloyd Fisher. Almost Cured is an honest, personalized account about racial integration in a small North Carolina Appalachian community in the midst of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement in 1963. Against a distressing backdrop of the South in tumultuous upheaval with widespread protests, bombings, deaths, and thousands of arrests, player Dr. Keith Elliott said that the teenage African-American players on the newly-integrated high school football team had the “weight of the world on their shoulders” as the team and community navigated the season to the championship game. Firsthand recollections by Coach Cliff Brookshire, players, and local experts are combined with archival media in this heartfelt and engaging film. The 30-minute documentary suggests that although we were and still are just ‘Almost Cured’, there is a glimmer of hope if we focus on what unites us.
“Soon after we moved to Brevard in 2004, I heard about this team and that Brevard was the first public high school to racially integrate in North Carolina in 1963. I could not help but wonder how such a historic event could happen in this small, almost all-white mountain community. Ten years later I began working on the film”. Directed by Tom Dierolf, a first-time filmmaker, Almost Cured has already been accepted into 13 film festivals. The film has garnered four awards including Best Short Documentary at the Ozark Foothills Filmfest, the Documentary Award at the FAMFEST International Film Festival, a Silver Award by Spotlight Documentary Film Awards and Best Documentary Non/fiction of the Month (Dec. 2017) by the Direct Short Online Film Festival. A successful Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign supported professional finishing editing and film festival submissions.
Festival Screenings
Indigo Moon Film Festival. Oct. 2018.
Tryon International Film Festival Oct. 2018
Global Peace Film Festival Online. Sep. 2018.
Knox Film Fest. Sep. 2018.
Full Bloom Film Festival. Sep. 2018.
Asheville Film Festival. Sep. 2018.
FAM Fest International Film Festival. Aug. 2018.
Cape Fear Independent Film Festival. Jun. 2018.
Longleaf Film Festival. May 2018.
Ozark Foothills FilmFest. Apr. 2018.
Beaufort International Film Festival. Feb. 2018.
Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival. Feb. 2018.
Chandler International Film Festival. Jan. 2018.
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