To help rebuild the Railroad Depot, the City of Brevard has organized a brick building campaign, to help raise money for the project. You can donate $100 and a brick will be engraved with a message of your choice. What wonderful way to honor a loved one. You will be giving back to the community, while also being forever, a part of Brevard.

How to donate?  Click on the form to the right.

A new park area that will include three main elements:

A Multi-Use Depot Building: this new structure will incorporate salvaged materials that come from the original railroad depot and will include restrooms. There will be an open-air multi-use space to be designed for community and family activities. The structure will be reminiscent of the design and character of the original depot.

A Greenway Multi-Use Path: A continuation of the existing City Greenway will connect the current end point at McLean Road, along Railroad Avenue to Probart Street. Ten foot in width, the Greenway will cross King Creek by a separate pedestrian bridge.

Parking: A  number of parking spaces are planned for the project but the exact number is unknown at this time and will be determined during the preliminary design phase. As the site plan is developed other amenities may be included which is dependent on available space

Where is the Depot Location?
The reconstruction will be close to the original depot’s location but not exactly the same. The location for the depot is the city-owned property along Railroad Avenue across from Commerce Street and the Comporium Warehouse. The property spans both sides of King Creek and is highlighted in blue on the map below.

Currently it is not yet known exactly where on the property the depot will be situated, for updates and sketch plans please visit the City of Brevard website.

In 1981 the old Railroad Depot was removed. I was serving overseas at the time in the USAF and when I returned home it was gone. I assumed that it had been bulldozed down. I recently found out that it was taken apart board-by-board and saved. We now have the chance to place it on City of Brevard property on Railroad Avenue along the route of the newest extension of the Estatoe Trail. What a great place to have this historic building that could house public restrooms and much more! But your help is needed. This is an unfunded project that I would like to see happen in the spring of 2018 to honor Brevard’s 150thanniversary. Any donation is appreciated, however for a donation of $100 or more we will install an engraved brick leading up to the depot in your honor.

Jimmy Harris